Exhibition ‘One word on the phone makes me happy’ by Jans Muskee

 In Exhibition, Jans Muskee

n addition to his large drawings, Jans Muskee also makes small intimate drawings. In these drawings he zooms in on body parts, in such a way that surface, use of colour, texture and eroticism fight for attention. For the first time, he shows only these small drawings at Albus Lux. Oil pastel on paper, mounted on a little panel.


“Making visual art about love, lust and desire is a delicate matter, because it can easily degenerate in embarrassing displays of things you’d rather want to steer clear of. There is a lot that represents the ultimate intimacy between lovers, which for outsiders can lead to the greatest disgust. Therefor eroticism and sex in art form some of the motifs that can be decisive for the quality of artistry. If your fascination with the physical lust is proportional to a genuine imagination of it, then the visual art is superior. In fact, the relationship between you and the work of art should directly reflect what you feel for your loved one.


The most important aspect in this interrelation remains the mystery of the corporal, to which mutually no resistance is possible. This corporal aspect at the same time forms a mental issue: every physical peculiarity brings the mind in ecstasy. At the same time this physical fusion is a matter of complete surrender to what you can essentially feel for another person. There is no rational consideration in place. In a work of art, the emotionality should be predominating and yet no art work comes into existence without compositional considerations, form and colour choices, motif determination, motivation and planning material effect


The result should be that your intellectual contemplation of it has no defence against the representation of love. A good work of art takes away the sensory defence, whereby you’re extradited and surrendered to it, as is the case in physical love.”

(Alex de Vries)

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