Installation ‘QUANTIC FAMILY’ by Truc-Anh at Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

 In Exhibition, Truc-Anh

he Quantic Family is a massive collection of portraits displayed in an immersive installation. The first exhibition of this series was shown during Technophobia, a Group show curated by Trong Nguyen for the grand opening of The Factory Art Center in Saigon, Vietnam. The solo show with Albus Lux Contemporary in Rotterdam, is a second part of The Quantic Family, adding a third dimension, the floor, accentuating the vertigo of the viewer.

The Quantic Family is the sister of the Ink Kingdom series ( reviewed in LA Times, The Wall Street International, Le Monde, BFM TV, Telerama….) The installation displays itself in 3 dimensions, the unparalleled and sudden conflicts produced by internet. Google image has become the new archive, in which all distances between various cultures from different ages suddenly collapse. My installation is an enlargement and amplification of this new kingdom, without geographical and time distance. It Works like a giant bug in this archive. As far as images overlap each other, creating new entities made by paradoxical parts.

2017-02_TA-LA_0039-54-Edit-2 copy

Each combined face, gathers polarities and paradoxes.

man/woman – tradition/futurism – spirituality/materiality – relgion/power – compassion/destruction – full/empty – black/white – etc…

I am not concerned about humans, but how humans create themselves, rather than how cultures build their appearance.

2017-02_TA-LA_0039-49-Edit copy

For the first time in human history, humanity takes conscience of herself, an awareness. A vertiginous feeling of infinity that I want to amplify in my work. This artwork is a statement of the human awareness: “ This bizarre harmony made by conflicts is our complex world. This is our story.”

2014-12_TA-LA_0031-22-Edit copy

The last and maybe first layers of understanding this work is autobiographical. At 12 years old, I felt I was not at the right place. I felt more connected to some creators, sometimes passed away, than to people living in my neighbourhood. I started collecting hundreds of portraits of creators, of any field, and stuck them on the walls of my room. I started to create my own spiritual family. The series Friends was the beginning, followed by Ink Kingdom and Quantic Family. Each portrait could be a self-partrait.

2017-02_TA-LA_0039-11-Edit copy


Each portrait could be the head of the headless painting. 8 spheres are coming out of its chest, the archive of the soul. It is my body when I was young and understood that I could be connected with anybody in the World.

2017-02_TA-LA_0039-73-Edit copy

Crystall ball

The sphere is ready- made. In my installation it’s a pure and virgin soul that cab be filled by any culture. It is also a lense that can see the world upside down. This is the emptiness in the middle of the matiere.



2017-02_TA-LA_0039-10-Edit copy
2017-02_TA-LA_0039-12-Edit copy
2017-02_TA-LA_0039-17-Edit-2 copy
2017-02_TA-LA_0039-70-Edit copy
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