Exhibition Truc-Anh at Tongerlohuys Roosendaal

 In Exhibition, Tongerlohuys, Truc-Anh

Solo exhibition of Truc-Anh at Tongerlohuys Roosendaal.


ruc-Anh (Paris, 1983) anticipates the rate at which change takes place, uses different styles and reference frameworks and shifts the viewer back and forth between chaos and lifestyles. In Tongerlohuys there was work from the series Quantic Family and The Kingdom in four different settings.


The first three settings shows the “Quantic Family’.

Each combined face, gathers polarities and paradoxes.

man/woman – tradition/futurism – spirituality/materiality – relgion/power – compassion/destruction – full/empty – black/white – etc…

This artwork is a statement of the human awareness: “ This bizarre harmony made by conflicts is our complex world. This is our story.”


Crystall ball

The sphere is ready- made. In my installation it’s a pure and virgin soul that cab be filled by any culture. It is also a lense that can see the world upside down. This is the emptiness in the middle of the matiere.


Each portrait could be the head of the headless painting. 8 spheres are coming out of its chest, the archive of the soul. It is my body when I was young and understood that I could be connected with anybody in the World.


The last setting is on overview of ‘The Kingdom’ series.

Paper has been a loved and trusted image carrier for centuries. Still, the status of the art of drawing has long been subordinate to that of painting. For a long time, drawings were perceived to be valuable but hasty finger practices. Useful exercises with pencil, ink, and paint on paper formed a stepping-stone towards a translation into the superior painting.


The past decennia have been characterized by a fresh turnaround in the way of thinking about the hierarchy within the two said visual disciplines. This ‘palace revolution’ has everything to do with the speed of the drawing medium. Drawings demand a form of diligence that matches the high speed with which fast image changes are consumed in contemporary society perfectly. Truc-Anh anticipates these developments.

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