The fourth solo exhibition of Truc-Anh Vue de l’Esprit

 In Exhibition, Truc-Anh

We warmly invite you to attend the opening of this solo exhibition


“Vue de l’Esprit”

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Albus lux Contemporary proudly presents Vue de l’Esprit, the fourth solo exhibition of French-Vietnamese artist Truc-Anh


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

From: Ode on a Grecian by John Keats

“Painting is an absolute medium to think about the world and also to read and compare human history through [various] ages, styles and convictions. I try to begin a painting as if it was the first one. I want to free my mind of known techniques, methods and habits.”

“Most important is that I want to be truthful in my work, I believe that beauty is  the form of truth”.

Vue de l’Esprit | What the mind sees

“Vue de l’esprit is originally used when you see a kind of illusion, without any explanation. Some people might say, “God is a vue de l’esprit”. 

“In my show, it gets a different meaning. Esprit has a capital letter E. Like a higher entity, a spirit. I try to paint not what I see with my eyes but rather what I see with my spirit. It is like when you watch with X-ray behind the skin, behind the surface of things.

This vue de l’Esprit is beautifully and intriguingly shown in his paintings of bleach on Do paper. In these series he links the spirits from his past with those of the present. “Now I have a different relation with them; I have more compassion with them, too; I listen to them. Maybe they suffer as we do”.

Also in Void Lord [from the World of Warcraft internetgames] we see vues de l’Esprit or figments: monstrous entities – spirits – that dwell within the void outside the borders of reality, like the Titans from Greek mythology. Much of Truc-Anh’s work balances on the verge of reality – unreality and does so both in a dynamic and contemplative manner. In the same way the Internet is a rich source for his work. 

“In my exhibitions it is my objective to challenge the viewer by creating visual puzzles. There is always a hybrid of disgusting  and seducing the viewer.

Born in 1983 (Paris), Truc-Anh studied at EAL in Lausanne and La Cambre in Brussels. He lives and works between Paris (France), Los Angeles-New York ( US) and  Ho Chi Min ( Vietnam). He has exhibited extensively in Europe, Asia and the United States. His works are included in collections throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Amongst others he participated in exhibitions Sounds of Silence, Coda Museum, The Netherlands, The Quantic Family, Tongerlohuys Museum, The Netherlands and The Foliage, Vincom Center for Contemporary art, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Opening of exhibition:
16th of December at 14 o’clock
2nd of February

Opening hours:
Wednesday – Saturday 13 – 17h
Wednesday & Thursday: Please contact us
in advance by phone

Plantagebaan 232, 4725 AG, Wouwse Plantage

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