Exhibition with HUI QIN PENG

 In Exhibition, Hui Qin Peng

Exhibition Fashion Artist


30th of November

Opening hours:
wednesday-saturday, please
contact us in advance by phone

Plantagebaan 232, 4725 AG, Wouwse Plantage

Hui Qin Peng [Taizhou, China, 1961] was born into a traditional and rich Chinese family and trained as a painter at the Nan Jing Art Academy. He later attended the fashion academy there and chose to make sculptures and textile installations. He lives and works in Ostend and Brussels.

In this exhibition he tells the ancient stories of China with intriguing line drawings, textile installations and photos of  his work made by Amuwa Moja. He does this in powerful and colourful images, in which the koi carp and the dragon play an important role as symbols of positive energy. Unlike our western thinking, it is the people who fight and are evil and the dragons who reconcile and dispel evil.

He also shows colourful and surprising costumes full of symbolism, which have been shown on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

It may take some time to admit his work and to understand it properly, because for us unknown themes such as the legacy and stamp of ancestors and the hidden world behind reality are not easily revealed.

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