About Arnd Christian Müller

Arnd’s work is all about minimalism and the awareness of subtle beauty in rearrangements of everyday objects.
He transfers simple, familiar items into new surroundings or contexts and our perception of them transcends their original meaning.
Typically, when an object catches Arnd’s fascination, he gives it a new life as an element of a more important collective whole. In choosing familiar items and simple techniques, he creates a manifest stress between the known and the un-known, between simplicity and complexity.
The observer easily connects with the mostly well-known objects. The new interpretation however is often surprising and invites him to experience the tension between an old and a newer awareness. The work deals with the relativity of value and the value of creativity. It is a visualization of how the whole becomes more than the sum of the elements.
In the initial stage of a new project, Arnd collects pieces “of interest” with no pre-defined concept in mind. He conceives the final installation dynamically throughout the collection process. His final arrangement disengages the object from its original meaning or purpose and makes it part of an entirely new piece of art with a meaning and inspiration of its own. The aesthetic beauty of these unique installations is often in sharp contrast with its mostly unassuming components.


Laos | Open Secret

Behind the Curtains of 21st Century Communism

“To me they reflect modern life.
Working every day, being busy and active. Some more than others, every single one a different task in this organic system we are part of. Making the same movements every day, up and down, hitting the material and back again. Getting out of bed, coffee, work, dinner, and back in bed again. Up and down, up and down.
And then, when we are old and exhausted, some of us are lucky enough to retire. Some show more signs of the work they’ve done during their lives. Others still perfectly intact, whether natural beauty or injected, polished, fixed, repaired…
It’s still clear they’re old, we’re old. You can’t deny.
But the sounds they make, are peaceful, accomplished, done, no hectic, just harmony. The stories we tell when we’re old sound the same. Some louder, more exciting, uglier, more beautiful or longer than others, but in harmony they form the story of mankind. And it sounds beautiful despite all of the individual misery we went through.”

Movie coming out in January ’16

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