About Marjan Laaper

Marjan Laaper 1971, graduated from WDKA’s Fine Arts Department in 1994. She was educated at the Maryland College of Art, Baltimore, USA and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, NL.

Marjan Laapers work has been showcased in a series of exhibitions in Holland and abroad. In 2013 she received a grant to work in Xiamen for 9 weeks. During her stay she was fascinated by the urban surrounding in Xiamen where big LED screens where situated in the city center but also by the natural beauty of the mountains where the city was built around. Just like old poets and painters she wanted to bring an ode to nature and the mystery of life itself. There she made the public artwork: “The Gift”.


Video documentation Ramses Shaffy Art Project Vijzelgracht

In 2015 she won the public art competition in honor of the Dutch chanter and actor

Ramses Shaffy (1933-2009) Marjan Laaper designed a LED installation staged behind the large glass wall above the escalators in the metro station Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam.

Having read the biography of Ramses Shaffy she decided to map all the influential people throughout his life. Each person is represented with his/her own lifeline. The lifelines highlight the important moments in each individual’s life in relationship to Ramses Shaffy. The lines are made of small LED’s that light each line separately and together resemble metro lines. When lit jointly a portrait of Ramses Shaffy becomes visible.

Movie coming out in January ’16

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1a._The Gift_- Video installation Xiamen China 2013
%22Birdsong%22 2013 video projection (endless loop)